Future Design

Future design begins with the openness to learn holistic perception and to incorporate it into the design of sustainable life. And to create a sustainable inner basis of trust, in which our heart already knows that a beautiful humane world is possible. 

In this sense, we understand future design as a transformative design, one that begins with myself, in my own life, now!

Transforming perception in this way is thus a human, evolutionary capacity for co-creating futures worth living in – arising from the perception of unity in diversity.

An inseparable part of this is caring for one’s own well-lived life; and this expands further to caring for others, the community, the wider environment and the earth.

“Every being has an intrinsic value and a right to well-being. This is best possible when everyone looks out for one another and cooperates with each other, rather than acting against each other and seeking only one’s own advantage. We can achieve this by being emphatically connected and by striving for beneficial relationships and communities instead of the accumulation of material goods at the individual’s disposal.” (Christian Felber)

By understanding ourselves simultaneously as unique individuals and as beings connected in the depth of a greater unity, this understanding can grow. Knowing that the future always begins NOW, as a state of our consciousness, is a timeless value of all living wisdom traditions, spiritual schools and life-oriented religions.

“There seems to be an ever-increasing need for warmth and closeness, for the common good, for commons, the key words of all social movements that have emerged during the euro crisis. The euro crisis is apparently creating a longing for a “we” and thus setting a counterpoint to the sellout of the public sphere.” (Ulrike Guérot)

And this longing for connectedness asks about the needs of the moment, in which a future worth living can already emerge and show itself in the NOW.