Integration Project – Support with the new

It needs people with willingness and patience to put themselves at the service of the integration of refugees. A peaceful and convivial atmosphere of development …

When the wave of refugees came to Europe and also to Germany in 2015, I was deeply affected by their fate. We as Germans, and I personally, are increasingly aware that these refugee flows and the unspeakable suffering associated with them in 1944/45 from the East are firmly anchored in our culture of remembrance. Therefore, in 2015/2016, I was confronted with the question of what my task could be, what my contribution could be, in order to offer my support on a voluntary basis. At the end of 2016, I happened to encounter a Syrian family with three children. And it was immediately clear to me that I wanted to be there for this family. My volunteer work began.

Until today, the support extends naturally to other families that I have in view, especially the children. My assistance refers to the emotional condition, the needs and to the matters of everyday life in Germany. What I see now after 3 years of support is that we will need many more years until these people have really arrived here in a culture that is foreign to them.

The challenge is enormous – in my view much greater than we initially thought. It takes people who can muster the willingness and patience to wholeheartedly put themselves at the service of integration. When I was approached by the FNNF board members in 2018 to become a foundation officer so that my work could expand and develop further, I immediately agreed from the bottom of my heart. Because I know what it means to be involved in a network and to get support. We are planning small realizable projects in which you can participate in the future through pictures and a blog.

My name is Monika Paulig, I was born in 1963, am married and work as an alternative practitioner in my own practice in Fritzlar. Today I would like to give some insights into my field of activity as a foundation associate for integration for the FNNF Foundation.