Housing prototypes / Tiny house project

Our sustainable, covivial and ecological housing and construction models aim to serve as prototypes for future-ready lifestyles.

We understand future design as a transformative design, one that begins with myself, in my own life, now!

To this end, we are developing residential and community projects with project partners in Germany and Portugal that aim at empowering people in every phase of life to awaken sustainable and consciousness-raising qualities and abilities. In this way, developing a lifestyle together that is sustainable and benefitting to our grandchildren can become possible.

At the heart of this process are questions,

  • How do we want to live together?
  • In which fields of life do we want to realize transformative impulses?
  • What qualities and experiences do we want to pass on?
  • What is essential to us in this process?
  • What is it that has transformed each one of us as individuals and
  • What is our original and unique contribution?
  • How do I wish to become active in my own field of life and what support would I like to receive?