“The solution to our future lies in the shared consciousness of oneness. When we come together in this, the path ahead is revealed.” (Patricia Albere)


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Shaping the future,
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“The solution to our future lies in the shared consciousness of oneness. When we come together in this, the path ahead is revealed.” (Patricia Albere)




Consciousness culture

Supporting and promoting one’s own culture of awareness to develop full potential

Future design

Learning to perceive and shape one’s own future life in a holistic way


The art of living together for a peaceful and harmonious coexistence

Our concern

I n a world characterized by an increasingly inhumane, technologically driven spirit of “better-faster-bigger” that is exclusively oriented toward performance and efficiency, as well as a belief in unlimited economic growth that threatens our livelihoods and the quality of our lives, many people in the developed North are increasingly overwhelmed with how to manage their lives.

Orientation to a deeper meaning and fulfillment in work and life are increasingly falling by the wayside. Fears of no longer belonging, of being left behind, or the fixation on a constant need to perform, competitive pressure and isolation are spreading, which for many people lead to alienation, burn-out, depression and loss of meaning.


The “Future Now Network Foundation” as a non-profit foundation has the concern to bring together individuals, initiatives and networks that are interested in and committed to the connection of future design, with the dimension of conviviality (concept of the art of living together) in the context of an individual, as well as cultural consciousness development.


“The basis for us is the development of a culture of consciousness that is about actualizing one’s highest potential. In which everyone is encouraged to discover and grow into humane contexts of meaning and life lived in connectedness. In which life can not only be felt more deeply, but also shaped -here and now- for the good of all: as our common future worth living.”

Michael Plesse

Founder of the Future Now Network Foundation

Our projects

The Future Now Foundation provides information about ongoing projects and also offers concrete assistance in establishing, networking and strengthening “Initiatives of Change”. In its joint work on social and cultural prototypes, it sees its mission as bringing together actors from the various sectors of society (business, government associations, civil society networks) to highlight, in the spirit of the nonprofit, shared values and the common greater good.

Embedded in a convivial, joyful and process-open cooperation, which also gives space to the inner development of the actors, this enables the emergence of inspiring, co-creative spaces of experience (“enabling spaces”), in which concrete, sustainable thinking and acting can be lived and developed.

A regionally and nationally active action network (“Future Now Action Network”) is already in the making, in which the above-mentioned impulses are being implemented and tested.

The FNNF is also connected to various cooperating networks with which joint projects and actions are developed and implemented.

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