The Future Now Foundation provides information about ongoing projects and also offers concrete assistance in establishing, networking and strengthening “Initiatives of Change”.

In its collaborative work on social and cultural prototypes, it sees its mission in bringing together actors from different sectors of society (business, government associations, civil society networks) in order to emphasize the shared values and the common larger concern in the spirit of the nonprofit.

Embedded in a convivial, joyful and process-open cooperation, which also gives space to the inner development of the actors, this enables inspiring, co-creative spaces of experience (“Enabling Spaces”) to emerge, in which concrete, sustainable thinking and acting can be lived and developed.

A regionally and trans-regionally operating action network (“Future Now Action Network”) is already in the making, in which the above-mentioned impulses are being implemented and tested.

The FNNF is also connected to various cooperating networks with which joint projects and actions are developed and realized.

Integration Project – Support with the new

It needs people with willingness and patience to put themselves at the service of the integration of refugees. A peaceful and convivial atmosphere of development ...

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A planting campaign by FNNF as part of the “1/2 hectare” project

an example of a non-profit project of the gift economy in a regional field of action in North Hesse, which is initiated, supervised and developed by the foundation.

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Housing prototypes / Tiny house project

Our sustainable, covivial and ecological housing and construction models aim to serve as prototypes for future-ready lifestyles.

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Collective Wisdom / We-Space

Future design begins with the openness to learn holistic perception and to incorporate it into the design of sustainable life.

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